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Furnished room in Søborg, available from July 20th for between 1 and 4 months. Especially suited for business professionels and PhD students
Rent: kr. 5,500
Moving in: Immediately
Period: 3-12 months
Size: 15 m²
City: Søborg
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Furnished room in Søborg, available from July 20th for between 1 and 4 months. Especially suited for business professionels and PhD students

All information about the room

Maglegårds Alle , Søborg
kr. 5,500
kr. 5,500
Moving in:
Commuter room:
3-12 months
15 m²
Insertion date
28+ days ago
Couples allowed:
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7500kr pr month is price for two people. 5500 for one person.

Furnished room available from June 1st 2020, perhaps sooner and duration between 1 month and 6 months stay. Possibility to extend after the first 6 months, and CPR is no problem. I am studying Spanish so should you be native in Spanish that would be awesome.

I have 75square meter big apartment in Søborg. 7km north og Copenhagen City Center, bus goes straight by my house and you’ll be in Nørrebro 15 minutes later. The Apartment is very quiet since there are no one living above it.

The room you live in is fully furnished and I’ll provide everything that is needed to keep the place up and running, i.e. toilet paper, soap for dish washer, soap for washing clothes, bed linen, towers, pillow, duvay ect.... It is a shared apartment, and you and I both have our private bedroom. The kitchen and living room is one big room with plenty of light and I'll think you'll enjoy it :-) I hope you enjoy cooking, since it is one of my big interests. I like to cook for you some times, and then you cook something for me perhaps? You and I don’t share food, you’ll dispose of half the fridge and have allocated space in both kitchen and bathroom for your stuff.

It is important for me that you will have a daily life that involves you getting up in the morning and going somewhere to do something during daytime. Of course you can have days off and weekend, but in general you will going somewhere during business hours. The reason is, that I often don't work during business hours, and that gives both you and me pleanty of time, where we have the apartment to ourselves. I also travel quite a bit, where you'll have all of the apartment to yourself.

On rare occations I encounter products with perfume that trigger head ache, and in that case, I’ll ask you to not use that specific product in my home. Shampoo, conditioner and Bodywash is freely available for you to use without perfume.

Wifi possible to access, I use very little GB myself, and it is 250GB pr month for the both of us, and should it not be enough I will NOT be buying extra GB (yes, a previous renter actually thought that would be reasonable to demand)

Please write me should you be interested and if you start the first message with “Hola Lise”, I will know you took the time to read all this, and I will appreciate it very much.


Pets allowed
Washing machine
Cable tv

Roommate criteria

Doesn't matter
20 - 99
Domestic animals:
Doesn't matter
Party habits:
Never parties
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