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Privacy policy - processing of personal data

1. Processing of personal data in connection to enrollment

In connection to enrollment on we need some personal information in order to create the profile. This is: 


  • Your name
  • Your e-mail

This information we use for the creation of your profile at as it is a necessity to be able to create and administrate the profile as wished. The information can for example be used to recreate your password, if you should forget it. 

When creating your profile you will also be able to enter the following personal information: 


  • Phone number
  • Language
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Civil status
  • Do you have children
  • Do you smoke
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Cleanliness (on a scale from 1-4)
  • Do you snore
  • Partying habits
  • Interests

Additionally, you have the possibility to make a personal description in your ad text and headline as well as you can upload a photo or video of yourself to the profile. Text nor video/photo should contain any confidential information. 

It is fully your choice to decide on what of the above mentioned information you wish to submit (besides email address and name) and the information will be used to focus your search for accommodation/tenant. 

If you choose to enter any of the above mentioned information, you accept that can process this information to find relevant accommodation/tenants for you, as well as you accept that other landlords/home seekers can find your profile based on this information. 

When creating a profile on you accept that shows your profile to’s users - via email or page views on strive to show as relevant ads as possible. The relevance is based on the information you have on your profile. 

Ads can also be shown on partner sites. This helps to increase the volume of visitors and ensures that the landlords get the intended marketing. The owner of an ad can naturally opt out of this and the ad will thereafter only be shown on You can de-select this option on your profile on 

A viewing of your profile will show all the personal information you have given in connection with creating the profile and therefore might include information about political beliefs, religion, sexuality or such if you have entered this in your ad text - we generally don’t recommend you do this. 

You can at any time add or remove information directly on your profile on and hereby avoid this information to be processed in the future. 


2. Processing of personal information - giving consent to notifications send on email

If you have ticked off the box ‘Receive notifications of new vacant homes’ we’ll use your email address to send you notifications on relevant homes matching those search criteria and information you have entered. 

You can always change in your mail settings if you later on don’t wish to receive any more email notifications - also without having to delete your profile. This you can do either by clicking on the link in the bottom of our emails, on your profile on or by contacting us on [email protected] 

Your email will however still be saved for administation of your profile - e.g. for recreation of your forgotten password.

3. Data security

No matter how we process your personal information, we will always process it safely and confidentially in accordance to the existing law, including the The general data protection regulation and The data protection act. Your information is solely used to the purpose it is intended to and will be deleted when this purpose is no monger relevant - see section 4. regarding limitations of usage below 

We use a series of data processors for the processing of above mentioned person information. We have entered an agreement with these data processors, which is our guarantee that they respect the current rules on protection of your personal information. In regards to data processers in third world contries, we only use them, if they can give us a satisfying guarantee that personal information is processed securely in according to the The general data protection regulation. 


4. Limitations of usage

We process your personal information as long as it is needed, in order for you to use your profile on 

When you have not been logged in to your profile in 3 months, your profile will be put on hold/ inactive. This means that other users won’t be able to see your profile, but you will always be able to active the profile again. You do you simply by logging in again. 

When your profile has been inactive in 2 years it will be deleted and can’t be recreated and you will have to create a completely new profile if needed again. 

If you wish to delete your profile completely before this you can inform us on [email protected] Then we will delete your profile when receiving your email. 


5. Data controller’s contact information

You can always contact us to be informed about which personal information we have on you. This can be done by contacting: ApS 
CVR-nr. 31859174 
Brovej 20A 
8800 Viborg 
E-mail: [email protected] 

If there is an error in the information we have on you, you can always ask us to get it corrected. You also have t he right to be issued a copy of the information in a normal format (data portability). Do you have any requests about changed or data portability you are welcome to write us on the email mentioned above. 

If you no longer want us to process your personal information or you want us to limit the usage of your information, you can send us an email requesting this. 

If you wish to withdraw your accept of your email processing (enabling us to send you notifications on new homes) you can always click on the link in the bottom of the email or do as described in section 2. 

If you wish to make a complaint about’s processing of your personal information, this can be done to Datatilsynet (the Data Protection Authority). Address: Borgergade 28,5. 1300 København, phone number 33193200, email: [email protected]


6. Data deletion

If you wish to delete all data regarding your findroommate user, please make a data deletion request by contacting us on the following email: [email protected]

Your data will be deleted withing 30 days of your data deletion request.