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Helpful tips for Roommate-seaching

Living with a roommate will probably be something beyond what you have tried before. To help you to get used to your new situation, we have a few tips:

Be realistic: Do not expect your roommate to be your best friend or your partner right from the beginning. No close contact can stifle even the best friendship, so keep in touch and talk together.

Chemistry: Be sure that your future roommate suit your wants and needs. It is not nice to live with someone you cannot agree with. Be sure to ask a lot of questions and get everything cleared up and agreed on before you move in together. Maybe get together a couple of times, and get to know each others pros and cons. The more honest you are the less unpleasant surprises will occur.

Keep communicating. Discuss potential areas of conflict. Be prepared to make compromises. If necessary, make a list of some ground rules for general things like: music, smoking, eating habits and visits. This will reduce the risk of big discussions and misunderstandings. If your roommate does something you don not like, be honest - also to yourself. And deal with the problem right away. Small problems can grow fast if you don't discuss everything thoroughly.

  • Know your rights: As a tenent, you always have the right to:
  • Sleep and relax in your own room.
  • Read and study in your room without interruptions
  • Free access to your room and your things according to the agreement made.
  • Have clear and healthy surroundings, but that is also up to yourself to make and keep.
  • Have guests without violating your roommate or your environment.
  • Question or challenge the other persons behaviour if it violates your rights.

Respect each other: It is important to have mutual respect for each other and each other's desires. Keep your clean lines and be honest. So it should probably be one of the best and most instructive times in your life. Enjoy